Welcome to Trinity Music. As one of the biggest distributor of music instruments and sound systems in Indonesia, customer's satisfaction and best services are our priority. From the designed and quality control in America, all the details can be explored in this website.

  • Falcon
    FALCON, has been known by all musician around the globe with all varieties in musical instruments, especially in Guitar and its accessories.
  • RockYou
    Drum accessories are this brand's main expertise. Starts from Drum set, Drum head, Cymbal and Drum sticks, with Rock style.
  • Legend
  • orphee
  • GW-12 CEN/EBK
    Legend » GW-12 CEN/EBK
  • GW-11EBK
    Falcon » GW-11EBK
  • IBB-502
    Legend » IBB-502
  • EMB-101
    Legend » EMB-101
  • IS-11FRH
    Legend » IS-11FRH
  • IS-10FR
    Legend » IS-10FR
  • SG-10L3
    Legend » SG-10L3
  • TT-101
    Legend » TT-101
  • SG-10C
    Legend » SG-10C
  • TLR-11
    Legend » TLR-11
  • I-15
    Legend » I-15
  • IS-12
    Legend » IS-12
  • IS-16
    Legend » IS-16
  • TL-10
    Legend » TL-10
  • LP-TW6
    Legend » LP-TW6
  • IBB-505 AF (5String)
    Falcon » IBB-505 AF (5String)